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When times seem dark

Over 100 poems narrating tales of mental health. This is my first ever published book and poetry collection. It took me 6 years to make and contains some pieces that I wrote when I was homeless.

I hope you enjoy!

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Tales of Troubles

A poem for everyday of the year. highlighting a man's journey with mental health

These Things Happen

As the 3rd and final instalment of the series, 'These Things Happen' provides the reader with a series of reflections and questions, on our existence and our journey to where we are today. Concluding the author's character arc with an open mind of curiosity. One that highlights our limitations and yet emphasises on the need for us to be continually creative in our journey. The author hopes that this book helps you to make sense of any 'slumps' and 'troughs' we find ourselves in. And hopes that it can provide you with the courage to walk into your own abyss, to learn your own truths. Bringing you closer to yourself, and in turn bringing you closer to others, as a result.

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The Wanderer and the Witch

A young children's book about a story of a long journey in a far away place. Written in a rhyming format with lots of imagery to spark imagination.

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